The Geeksverse28 Days Later #24 Advanced Review

28 Days Later #24 Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 by

Holy flaming infected!

Selena and Clint are ready to be done and stop fighting overwhelming odds of the infected. Clint wants to meet the “girl in the pink dress underneath all that blood and leather.” However, this is not a love story in the typical romance understanding of that idea. Model Millie would not approve.

Note to self: when they gas London the way to survive is to pee on a towel to make a breathing apparatus. Leave it to an American to come up with that kind of McGyver craft in besieged London.

This is another gritty issue of survival where mankind is pushed to its limit in the sci-fi-horror outbreak. This is a well crafted issue that works as the kick off to the next story arc as well as a stand alone issue. This is a doubly good starting place for new readers. If you’ve been interested in 28 Days Later in the past, #24 is a good starting point.

Check out the preview until this comic hits the shelves at your local comic book shops this weekend.

Sean Phillips Cover

Based on the film 28 Days Later, produced by Andrew MacDonald, written by Alex Garland, and directed by Danny Boyle.
Writer Micheal Alan Nelson
Artist Alejandro Aragon
Letterer Johnny Lowe
Cover Sean Phillips
Editor Ian Brill

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