The GeeksverseDarkwing Duck #13 Advanced Review

Darkwing Duck #13 Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 by

Previously in Darkwing Duck, the masked mallard has had some zany adventures. Following his hit TV show with non-connected episodic adventures, the fowl that flaps in the night has returned, over thrown misguided robots, fought himself x 1000, and more recently fought F.O.W.L’s evil Ductkthulu ineptly. Luckily he is more than just one adventurer, because his team has come in handy.

Heartbroken D.W. is a broken hero, going from psychic to psychic looking for a clue. Is Morgana coming home? Darkwing has proved that he needs her, even if he didn’t always realize it, in the past few adventures. Now, even baseball is going bizarre. And when there is bizarre mystical problems, you call Morgana. D.W. is a bit out of his league.

A new villain is introduced in the beginning of this story arc: One-Shot. This new deadly foe monkeys around. Can the heartbroken motorcycle riding hero vanquish the new foe? Find out on the comic shop shelves this week. Until then, check out the preview.

Kudos to Ian Brill and company for another fine adventure story.

Cover A

Ian Brill, writer
James Silvani, artist interiors, cover A
Lisa Moore, colorist interior, cover A
Deron Bennett, letterer
Christopher Burns, editor
Sabrina Alberghetti, cover B

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