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Magdalena Statue
Published on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 by

Clayburn Moore is working on a statue for Top Cow’s Catholic spear carrier. Magdalena is another supernatural infused heroine. She is another artifact bearer in the universe that is peopled with characters like Witchblade and Darkness. Magdalena is currently starring her own series so the time is ripe for merchandise.

Magdalena has a specific and detailed costume which could pose a daunting challenge for sculptor Clayburn Moore as he searches for a dramatic pose and a distinct look.

An excerpt from Moore’s website explains how he chose the shape of the piece:

While researching the character I came across some beautiful designs by a number of talented artists, but one in particular caught my eye. This was a painted piece that Joe Linsner had done some time ago. What struck me most was that Joe had drawn her holding the swords in a Christian cross. That image was so powerful and perfect for this character that I had to incorporate that image in this piece.

I took that basic element, the crossed swords, and worked up several poses in a 7” format. Each pose had its own merit, but one in particular stood out and that is the one you see here.

Check out Moore’s website for information about the statue.

Clayburn Moore's Magdalena statue in progress.

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