The GeeksverseSonic Universe #29 “Scourge: Lock Down” Part 1 of 4

Sonic Universe #29 “Scourge: Lock Down” Part 1 of 4
Published on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 by

Ian Flynn talked me into picking up Sonic Universe #29 at HeroCon although we did not talk to each other. Flynn took part in the Archie/Sonic panel at the convention. One of the things discussed was this upcoming Scourge heavy Sonic Universe arc. The story, which shifts focus away from the blue hedgehog temporarily, picks up with Scourge in prison. Apparently Sonic helped put him there. Paraphrasing Flynn’s description of the arc, Scourge must work his way up the prison hierarchy if he has any hopes of escaping. Is this the Sonic version of Shawshank Redemption? Perhaps not but it did have a few similarities to prison exploitation movies when Flynn discussed it at the panel, although in true Archie fashion it will lack the blood, gore, and nudity of an exploitation flick.

The description sounded cool. I’m not an avid Sonic reader. Like many I played a few of the video games. The arc sounded cool so I thought I would give it a read. I wanted to disclose my non-Sonic fan status because I am sure I am missing something even though I enjoyed the first part of the arc. This is my first introduction to Scourge, an evil or misguided green hedgehog. He’s clearly the central hedgehog in this Sonic Universe comic. The first interior page has a Scourge monologue over some art work to provide the idea that this is a green meanie that has held power and sway but has now fallen.

The second page earns kudos for the pencils by Tracy Yardley, inks by Jim Amash, and colors by Steve Downer. The second page clearly isolates Scourge in the Zone Jail yard. The yard is active and large. It is imposing. It also looks immediately impenetrable. The characters are in various poses around the background. I cannot spot any familiar animalistic faces, but I’m not a regular reader. My eye moves through the jumble of text boxes, credits, titles, and full background to the small green hedgehog. The second page does introduce the cartoony vibe that you expect in a Sonic comic. I like the guards defying gravity and walking oddly vertical up a catwalk.

Ian Flynn sold me on this comic by pitching the arc at the con panel. The cover might have won me over otherwise. The cover depicts Scourge behind the shadowy bars being restrained by sci-fi guards. Nice.

KittysPryde does not cover Sonic, or Archie, as heavily as a few other sites. Yet, when we find something that catches our eye we do tend to enjoy our foray into their world. Sonic is family friendly reading and this arc is not an exception. Flynn and company do not include anything more violent than a prison yard knuckle sandwich. Although Scourge is pushed around a good bit in this issue. By the end he’s mustering forces to prevent that from happening in future issues. Notably this is a good jumping in point even if you’re not completely seeped in the mythos of the hedgehog running and jumping across the long running comics.

Flynn’s writing resume has not yet stretched outside of the Archie comic world. He’s written copious hedgehog comics, a little Archie and Sarbina, and the newly started MegaMan comic. So far he’s become an expert in hedgehog writing. In this issue he’s began a nice arc. The characters are accessible and clear. They have purpose and motion which is great in a fast moving comic.

Ian Flynn writer
Tracy Yardley pencils
Jim Amash inks
Steve Downer letters
Phil Felix editor
Paul Kaminski editor-in-chief

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