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Conan: Island Of No Return #1
Published on Thursday, June 16, 2011 by

Written by: Ron Marz
Penciled by: Bart Sears
Inked by: Randy Elliot
Colors: Mark Roberts
Letters: Troy Peteri
Cover Art: Michael Kutsche
Assistant Editor: Patrick Thorpe & Brendan Wright
Editor: Dave Land & Dave Marshall

I haven’t read many of the Dark Horse Conan offerings, but thought I’d give this one a try. It was the Bart Sears art credit that attracted my interest. Bart Sears. Conan. Match made in heaven right?

The story is what you would expect from a Conan book? Conan is hired by a couple of hottie female warriors to raid an old castle for it’s treasure. Of course the castle is on an island in the middle of nowhere and pretty much impossible to get to and there are the rumors of it being haunted. Mere speed bumps to Conan.

Marz’s story moves quickly and has all the elements you’d expect and want. There’s a hint of intrigue with the female warriors. And the setting promises plenty of Conan using his sword and strength in the next issue. All of Conan’s personality traits are here. There’s a bit of his honor, with him not drawing his sword against the guards. A hint of his trademarked deadpan humor. There’s a hint of his devil-may-care-just-let-me-kill-something attitude. It’s a perfect Conan story.

Troy Peteri needs to get some props for his work in this issue. He gives Conan a ragged square looking caption, different from every one else. It makes you “read” Conan with a gravelly growl of a voice. Which is how I’ve always pictured him talking. Deep and graveling, like stone. Perfect font to use.

Now for what is the highlight of this issue, the Bart Sears art. Sears is the perfect artist for Conan. He draws Conan as he should be, huge and muscled but not out of proportion. The female warriors look like you’d expect, beautiful but with bodybuilder bodies.

This is a good looking book and Sears storytelling skills are shown off. There’s an excellant three panel sequance of an unmoving Conan waiting for the first of the sisters to climb up, with the sun sinking in the horizon. Perfectly showing time passing. Even the little details, like glances exchanged by the sisters, which one of them lets Conan help them up, and the lingering hand on his thigh; all of them are well rendered by Sears showing that he can do more then draw heavily muscled superheroes.

Conan: Island Of No Return #1 receives
5 out of 5

Even non-Conan fans will end up enjoying this story.

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