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Graveyard Of Empires #1
Published on Friday, June 17, 2011 by

Written by: Mark Sable
Art by: Paul Azaceta
Colors: Matt Wilson
Letters: Thomas Mauer
Cover Art: Paul Azaceta w/ Matt Wilson

Image announced that this sold out at the distributor level. I can believe that. The premise behind it is pretty sound. But I’d be surprised if the second issue does as well.

It’s not a bad book by any means, but there are some fundamental issues.

The first issue is that it’s a zombie story. It has to be something really unique for it to stand out from the crowd. Image even has another war time zombie story with ’68 and IDW did a WWII one recently, Iron Siege.

The zombies really don’t show up until the last couple of pages, so this is a war story before that and it’s a solid war story. This should have remained a war story. I hadn’t read too many that actually dealt with how the US forces interact with the Afghani people on a regular basis. This story also shows that not all is well within the US forces themselves.

Most war stories depict the units as friendly to eachother and a true brotherhood. This is one of the rare that shows that the brotherhood isn’t as solid as most media portrayals would have us believe.

The introduction of the “green” LT also highlights one of the aspects of the military that gets overlooked in most media.

So why did they have to go and introduce zombies?

The second problem is in the pacing and plotting of the story. There are a lot of jumps and jarring scene changes in the story. It’s very hard to follow in alot of spots, not making much sense in others.

What doesn’t help is that the characters all run together. The only one that has any real personality is Reddick. It would have been nice to have had more time spent on the characters. It would have been nice if some time had been spent explaining where the unit was and what their mission was.

We don’t even know they’re Marines except by a comment in passing. And the introduction the female Marine comes out of nowhere. Having a female that speaks the local language should have been a major story point, except it’s fairly glossed over.

It may have been a very well researched story, but that doesn’t carry over into the actual issue itself. It’s hard to follow and understand in alot of spots with characters running together and being unrecognizable.

The art is decent. Azaceta has a nice style for a war comic. His zombies leave a little to be desired. They look more mummified then decomposing.

He also seemingly has issues with head gear. There are a couple of panels with very awkward looking head gear, helmets and the afghani headdress.

It’s hard to tell if the uneven flow of the story is due to the art or the script, but it’s a definate issue.

Graveyard of Empires #1 receives
2.5 out of 5

This would have made a solid war comic, but adding the zombies detracts from it. This could have benefited from an editor to help with the jarring flow and unnatural pacing.

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