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Vic Boone #1
Published on Sunday, June 19, 2011 by

Published by: 215 Ink
Written by: Shawn Aldridge
Art by: Geoffo
Cover Art: David Lloyd

This is an interesting detective story. There have been alot of future detective stories, noir tales set in a sci-fi setting. That’s the area that Vic Boone falls into. But it is able to carve it’s own niche.

Aldridge does a great job with the intro. We see Boone working on a motorcycle and we see his client Nina Hunt approaching. There’s nothing that says it takes place in the future for a couple of pages. It’s a nice way to open the book as it provides a bit of a shock to see the future city and flying cars. There’s a couple of moments in the story that Aldridge manages to pull it off.

The opening is great but nothing beats the introduction of the fly.

Andre helps provide a surreal feel to the world of Vic Boone. It’s not just robots and flying cars that inhabit Boone’s world. This helps set it apart from the other sci-fi detective stories out there.

The story is noirish. It’s even got the damsel in distress that has designs on the detective. And it appears that poor Boone wasn’t thinking with his head and finds himself in a world of trouble.

Aldridge’s story is entertaining. Boone has a nice tone. He’s charming and a “bit of a dick” as he describes himself. The mystery is well laid out. Seeing Boone going about his day makes good reading. Trying to see him try to get into Futratech is funny. The Raygun Radicals are funny and makes a nice intermission of a kind to the story, breaking up the tone but not taking it completely off track.

The art by Geoffo is nice. It kind of reminds me of early Scott Morse in style and composition. It’s extremely well laid out, playing to the strengths of the script. The art flows smoothly with Geoffo enhancing the shock values in parts of the story. In the opening he doesn’t draw much background, keeping the future setting a surprise.

Vic Boone #1 receives
4 out of 5

A nice first issue and introduction to the world of Vic Boone.

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