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Have you missed Bizenghast?
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M.Alice Legrow has finished her decade of labor on her self-created Bizenghast series. Bizenghast vol 8, Dreaming of Lost Time, has been completed. Dinah is still fighting the secrets of the haunted town and the ghost of a governess. The governess is only one of many characters that are trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead. Dinah has been trying to discover the secrets of the mystery and helping dead souls for the past seven books. Looking at the trailer for vol 8, Dreaming of Lost Time, the secrets of Dinah’s companion Vincent will also be exposed.

M.Alice Legrow has been working on Bizenghast for a decade. She is an eccentric artist, writer, jewelry maker, cosplayer, sequential art major, and bubbly personality. Distributed by TokoyoPop, Bizenghast is a Manga that is willing to delve into other art forms to fill the page. All of Legrow’s creativity was poured into the series from jewelry details, costume and character design, to her often playful approach to sequential art.

Bizenghast, the story of a young female protagonist trying to figure out her new and bizarre hometown, is a gothic novel. The young woman, after the odd death of her parents, is stuck in a new small town.

Varying quality of the series was problematic in the sixth and seventh edition. Dinah’s change seemed uneven and oddly paced. The tone of the book was nearly undermined by the protagonists odd shift. Her purpose guiding dead souls seemed to be abandoned in the seventh book. However, as the mystery of the town comes to light in the eighth book, the storyline could be resolved and salvaged in a splendid style. Legrow has the chops.

Book 8 was due out in Spring/Summer 2008, with a history of being late to market. Now, with the demise of TokoyoPop, is the series still widely available? Books A Million lists its availability as July 5, 2011, while PaperWindows lists June 29, 2011 although Amazon currently lists it as out of stock with no expectation date.

Only time and results will tell how Bizenghast fares post-TKPop.

Biazenghast vo. 8 cover

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