The GeeksverseMark Waid’s take on DD supporting cast

Mark Waid’s take on DD supporting cast
Published on Monday, June 20, 2011 by

On a Wensday in July, the 20th, the original Without Fear Man returns as Matt Murdock returns to Hell’s Kitchen in Daredevil #1. One of the #1 relaunches this year, Daredevil will be written by Mark Waid with artists Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera.

Reportedly, Waid is going to focus on Matt Murdock’s supporting cast. Waid has a history of peopling his comics fully. Heroes in and out of costume get attention in Mark Waid comics. On Mark Waid walks through Daredevil’s supporting cast from Foggy Nelson to Elektra and all of their superhuman abilities to put up with arrogant Matt Murdock.

One of the out of tights companions, Foggy Nelson, is friend and legal partner. Waid describes Foggy as important in the mythos as a foil. Foggy is the all business lackluster attorney that Matt could have become. Foggy is also one of the few people to stick by Matt through it all.

Waid points out that nearly everyone in the Daredevil universe fits both into Matt’s life and Daredevils’ life. Waid hints that someone from the Spider cast will wind up as a romantic interest for Matt, with Waid preferring to explore a new relationship than merely rewrite one of the worn out loves. Fortunately, or unfortunately, every love of Matt’s life gets swept into Daredevils at some point.

A new face in the supporting cast that Waid wants to explore is Kristin McDuffie. Kristin McDuffie is a new A.D.A. in town, and will quickly establish a complex relationship with Matt and Foggy. In NY, all of the ADAs seem to run afoul of corruption or crime. Eitherway Daredevil is sure to be involved.

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