The GeeksverseSnarked #0 – Advanced Review

Snarked #0 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, June 20, 2011 by

Written & Illustrated by: Roger Langridge
Colored by: Rachelle Rosenberg
Cover Art: Roger Langridge w/ Matthew Wilson
Editor: Bryce Carlson

This is an interesting story. It apparently has it’s origins in a couple of Lewis Carroll tales, ‘The Walrus And The Carpenter’ and ‘The Hunting Of The Snark’. Both are reprinted in the back of this issue so you can see where the story came from.

Snarked stars Wilburforce J. Walrus, The Walrus, and Clyde McDunk, the carpenter. They’re two men that live in a little shack off the beach and basically fall under the definition of “ne’er do wells”. At least Walrus. McDunk is a bit slow so he follows the walrus around and does what he says.

Which does beg the question, how does a carpenter not find work?

I’m not sure what the long term goal/plot/purpose of this series will be. Right now it’s a fun little tale. There has to be some long range plan, but so far it’s not apparent. There is a bit about the King disappearing and the sketchbook at the end gives a bit of a hint about his fate, but how that all comes together isn’t readily apparent. The zero issue follows Walrus and McDunk as they search for food and sneak into the palace. They pose as snark hunters so the Princess won’t throw them out.

Plot wise, there isn’t much. It’s a fun tale that would work as a standalone story. But as part of a larger story, I’m not sure how it will play out. But it’s fun. It’s a good read and Langridge’s art is nice to behold. It’s the little things that help propel the story along; from Walrus pulling the coin out of the hat to watching how he gets the food into the sack.

Walrus isn’t a very engaging character. There is something charming about him, but in a dirty kind of way. He’s not someone that would make me want to read his adventures every month. McDunk just is. That’s the best way I can describe him. He just follows the Walrus around and takes the blame.

This isn’t to say that the book isn’t good. It is. For the lack of personality of McDunk and the swarminess of Walrus, it’s still an entertaining read. And that has to do with Langridge. His art and script are what makes the story. Even if not liking the characters, the storylike quality does keep interest. And the art is extremely interesting. Lots of little details to look over, you’ll even have to hit some pages twice.

But as a zero issue it doesn’t make me want to buy the first issue. I enjoyed it as a stand alone story, but nothing really grabbed me.

Snarked #0 receives
3.5 out of 5

A fun story but ultimately fails as a zero issue.

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