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Talking With Vic Boone’s Shawn Aldridge
Published on Monday, June 20, 2011 by

Vic Boone is an interesting new book and we talked with it’s creator.

The Pryde: Let’s start off with a simple question. Where did the idea for Vic Boone come from?

Shawn Aldridge: The idea first popped in my one late Saturday night when I was going through some pulp novels I had. One in particular, Delusion World, really spurred the idea. The cover is a regular guy in foreground, mid-ground is a woman in a sci-fi outfit, and background is a man and rocket. For whatever reason I started constructing a story around that image. A “what if” sort of thing. What if the guy in foreground is a detective, the woman in trouble, and the man in back a killer. As the idea evolved the more B-movie science fiction started to creep in. What if all those early sci-fi movies had really happened, that the earth had stood still? That there had been a 50 foot woman trampling around?

When the dust settled I realized the whole concept was pretty much a thank you letter to my uncle, who was the one who introduced me to comics and all those wonderful and cheesy sci-fi films.

The artist, Geoffo, really seems to be on the same wavelength with you. There’s a couple sequances where his work really helps the story and the surprises that you write. How did he come to be working with you on this?

I found Geoffo via the internet. I was working with a different artist at first, but he had to leave for personal reasons. So I decided to post an “artist wanted” ad in a couple of places. Geoffo was one of a handful that replied. I’m lucky to have found him. He’s brought a lot to the table.

How did this book come about? How’d it wind up at 215 Ink?

Originally, Boone was one of the competitors in the now defunct Zuda competition DC ran. It received such a positive response, I knew win or lose I had to find a way to continue it. I tried pitching it to a few publishers, but most turned it down for various reasons–state of the industry, financial, name recognition, etc.

Enter 215 Ink. Originally, I contacted them about a writing job they had posted. I sent them what I had of Boone as part of my writing samples. They asked, Hey would you like to do something with this Vic Boone character? I believe, Hell Yes!!, was my response. Glad I did. 215 Ink is just a great and really supportive company. Andrew, the head guy, is always quick to respond and support to whatever is needed.

If someone stopped you on the street and asked to have Vic Boone explained to them, how would you describe it?

B-movie sci-fi meets pulp noir meets a whole lot of absurdity.

Even with his short amount of screen time, I found Andre fascinating. Without giving it away, I want any potential readers to enjoy the surprise like I did, where did the character come from and what made you go that route with him?

Well, when I started mapping out Boone’s world and supporting cast, I knew he needed someone who could get information when no one else could. So, I came up with the idea for Andre. As for his appearance/look that seemed to make the most sense based on what it is he does. His look pays homage to an old sci-fi movie, but still manages to fit him in both personality and purpose.

Did you always want to write comics?

Yes, for as far back as I can remember the desire has always been there. I feel there’s not many mediums that can touch what comics offer when they’re done right.

As a writer, what do you look for in a comic?

It’s pretty simple–Good art and good story. When those two things work together, I don’t think there’s any medium that can touch comics.

What would be your dream project?

One book I’ve always really wanted to write is a Mr. Miracle and Big Barda series. I think that could be a really fun series. A very close second would be the original Firestorm.

What characters would you love a shot at?

Dr. Strange, Son of Satan, Shang-Chi, Brother Power, Blue Beetle, and I think I’d like to do a Wolverine story some day.

Who are your influences?

Chester Himes, Flannery O’Connor, Anton Chekhov, Akutagawa Ryūnosuke, Gerry Conway, Keith Giffen, Dashiell Hammett, Archie Goodwin, Alex Raymond, Alex Toth, and so many more.

Thanks to Shawn for taking the time to talk with us a little about Vic Boone.

The Pryde reviewed Vic Boone #1 for Small Press Sunday. Take a look and if you’re interested in picking up Vic Boone you can through 215 Ink’s store.

I suggest picking it up.

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