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The Pound #3
Published on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 by

Published by: Frozen Beach Studios & IDW Publishing
Written and Created by: Stephan Nilson
Art by: Karl Waller
Colored by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Lettered and Created by: Charles Pritchett
Cover by: Karl Waller & Ron Riley

The strength of this series is the dialogue and interaction between the characters. With this issue we get to see it on the flip side, away from Scotty and Howie and on the side of the monsters. We start getting more of the backstory into the monsters and how they fit into this world.

Here, in what is different from previous issues of the Pound, where the story gets larger and broader in scope, Nilson’s script still carries the same strength. The interactions between the leaders of the monsters is well done. It’s a bit more comic traditional then the series has been so far, but it still works within the context set by the prior issues. It doesn’t feel out of place.

The strongest point of the story is still the interaction between Scotty and his wife Jen. It’s how I would picture the conversation really going in a real relationship, without any of the added drama that novels/movies/comics/tv would add in. Most times that added drama is unnecessary and in The Pound we are shown a strong and solid relationship.

Even Scotty and Howie react how I would expect it to happen in the real world. They make some attempts, learn from those attempts and quickly realize they are in over their heads. Again without any of the unnecessary drama or added elements.

Most comics have the “Armageddon Syndrome”. In the movie Armageddon, which was a great movie, there are so many unnecessary elements added to the story to make it longer and provide dramatic tension. One thing goes wrong, they fix it and then something else goes wrong.

The Pound doesn’t suffer from that and it’s a greater story because of it.

Waller’s art is great. His werewolves are well done. He’s getting better at showing the individual characteristics of them as well as a range of emotion.

The Pound #3 receives
5 out of 5

If you’re not reading this, you should be.

The Pound is available digitally from IDW’s iTunes app and will be in print in collected format in September.

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