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Hack/Slash #5
Published on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 by

Kyle Strahm’s short resume as an artist with IDW, Boom! and Image Comics, but has stepped in as guest-artist for generation jumping Hack/Slash #5. Strahm brings life to the skull-face woman of mystery that steps back into the path of Cassie Hack. Fantomah, the mysterious jungle woman, is a super powerful goddess with horribly creative ways to torment evil doers.

The art is a hodge podge of non-contemporary story telling that contrasts against the art from the rest of the Image series. The DDP run seemed punctuated by more guest artists and varying art than the short lived Image series has had thus far. Bringing Strahm could signal a new direction for the run of the series. Only time will tell.

The story is still Tim Seeley writing buxom brawlers with baseball bats. This is still a fistfull of good story.

cover A JENNY FRISON (tarot cover)
cover B RODIN ESQUEJO (Morninglories cover)

Jenny Frison Cover A

Rodin Esquejo Cover B

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