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Kevin Keller #1
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Kevin Keller caught the media’s attention by being a landmark Riverdale resident. Kevin made headlines in Veronica #202. Now, Kevin is breaking out in his own miniseries.

In Veronica #202 Kevin Keller, new hunk in town, defeated Jughead in a burger eating contest. Kevin Keller #1 finds the hunky Kevin ready to rematch Jughead, Riverdale’s eating machine, in a pie grudge match as part of the towns July 4th celebration. Riverdale throws parades and festivities to celebrate the patriotic holiday. To cheer on Kevin are old friends from Bricktown. Kevin’s middle school friends bring middle school memories. The newly introduced old friends bring flash backs to a brace-faced geeky Kevin. They provide a nice background to the new kid. It is well executed and clear with a fun combination of script and art.

The 4th of July parade’s grand marshal is new resident Colonel Thomas Keller father of champion eater Kevin. Kevin is an experienced new kid since his father has been moved around from base to base. Luckily Colonel Keller has chosen to retire to Riverdale which means his son will finish high school there (if anyone in Riverdale ever finishes high school).

The introduction of Kevin’s family reveals, to Veronica’s surprise, that Kevin wants to join the military after high school. Kevin wants to serve his country before becoming a journalist. He has a definite goal set for his future.

Kevin Keller made head lines for being the first openly gay character in Riverdale. In another move of reflecting society, the non-chronological comic town has included a character that wants to serve his country contemporary to the renewed political discussion of don’t ask don’t tell. Kevin Keller #1 did not mention being gay until page 12 creating a fairly stock Archie comic of geeks and jocks. The second half of the comic deals openly about Kevin wanting to join the military and his fathers support. Kevin’s military goals seem to be one of the focuses of the miniseries. Dan Parent is a military brat himself so his biographic experiences may inform the writing.

Overall this is a positive portrayal of Riverdale acceptance. Kevin recounts his fears about coming out of the closet to his family, especially his father. Although in the end, Kevin’s family and new friends accept Kevin.

Scribe Dan Parent told ComicAlliance that no boyfriend plans are in the work at the moment. This miniseries is focused on Kevin fitting into Riverdale.

Kevin Keller #1

Kevin Keller #1, featuring two different Archie style covers, is probably still available at your local comic shop. Check it out to find out how the head to head eating contest between Kevin and Jughead turns out.

Script & Pencils: Dan Parent
Inks: Rich Koslowski
Letters: Jack Morelli
Colors: Digikore Studios

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