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Marco D’Alfonso Teaser
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Marco D’Alfonso is a Canadian graphic designer and illustrator that may be best known for his work with Chikara wrestling promotions. D’Alfonso has created work for comic, toy, and video game companies, but his most notable work has been the DVD covers for Chikara. The DVD covers are unique on wrestling fan shelves combining the combatants with comics.

I have recently been trading interview emails with D’Alfonso. He offered to create art work to run with the interview. Since he was creating an image for Kittys Pryde, I thought it needed to feature our female mutant namesake. Although I wanted a different take on Kitty. I thought about the 1997 Larry Hama penned Kitty Pryde Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. The post Excalibur version of Kitty as a S.H.I.E.L.D. intern was completely different. Working through the stream of consciousness that was my request, I thought about Larry Hama’s other Marvel work. It might have made sense to ask for a picture that features Kitty with Falcon, Generation X, or Avengers (all of which Hama took his turn writing). Honestly, when I think of Hama I don’t think of his run on Falcon. I think of G.I. Joe. I’m kooky like that. Since Kitty Pryde Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. enlisted the mutant in a quasi military organization safe guarding world peace, it made sense at least to me to ask for Kitty fighting Cobra.

Based on Larry Hama’s Kitty Pryde Agent of S.h.E.I.L.D. concept, this is what might happen if Hama had Kitty take on Cobra:

D'Alfonso combining Kitty Pryde and Cobra. Kablam!

Find out more about D’Alfonso in his upcoming interview here on the Pryde.

Marco D’Alfonso is just one of the great Monday Interviews coming up here at In addition to D’Alfono’s interview, we also have interviews with Rob Anderson (Rex: Zombie Killer), Doug Warner (I.C.E.), and Mark Raicht (Stuff of Legend), and others. Keep checking the Pryde on Monday for our series of interviews.

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