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Zenescope’s Brimstone #1
Published on Monday, June 27, 2011 by

Written by: Michael Lent & Brian McCarthy
Art by: Hyunsang Michael Cho
Letters: Bernie Lee
Cover Art: A- Ben Templesmith; B- Greg Horn
Editor: Michael Lent & Brian McCarthy

I’ve always said that I’m not a big Western fan. But I think I’m more of one then I know. I’ve always liked the supernatural or weird westerns. I first saw Brimstone a couple weeks okay at my LCS and couldn’t pick it up due to budget. I was finally able to get a copy and I’m glad I did.

So far it seems like a basic zombie tale. Miners disrupted Indian sacred ground at a mine and raised the dead. The owners of the mine hire some guns to clear the town and get the mine back. The hired guns just think it’s some ruffians that took over the town of Brimstone.

The first issue doesn’t go into more, leaving the full story to be developed in the later issues. What the first issue does do is introduce the cast of hired guns. And it’s a motley crew. There’s not a good soul in the bunch. We get a page or two of introduction to each of them, seeing a little bit of what they are about. This serves as a good way to spotlight each one. And it works in the narrative sense because the man who is hiring them introduces them to eachother and asks some questions.

It has an old Mission: Impossible feel to it as the “team” is assembled.

The script is harsh, reflecting the darker side of the time. This is not a collection of good men, and the script reflects that with the language and the way they talk/respond and plot against eachother. This is a volatile mix and it’ll be interesting to see how adding zombies to the equation changes the dynamic.

The artwork by Cho is very nice. It has a creepy and atmospheric feel to it.

It’s a painted look with loose linework. The characters are tight but the backgrounds are loose and flowing, helping give it the creepy tone and feel. Some of the proportions are off here and there, but the overall effect works nicely.

Brimstone #1 receives
4 out of 5

Fans of zombie or supernatural westerns should pick up this book.

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