The GeeksverseThe Sixth Gun #12

The Sixth Gun #12
Published on Thursday, June 30, 2011 by

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Brian Hurtt
Letters: Douglas E. Sherwood
Colors: Bill Crabtree
Cover Art: Brian Hurtt w/ Bill Crabtree
Editor: Charlie Chu

Characters are coming and going, or dying, and that normally means a series is shrinking, contracting to make it more accessible or provide a relatively fresh and “new” start. With The Sixth Gun, Bunn is instead using it to expand the entire mythos of this world, and maintaining the focus on Drake and Becky.

There seems to be a pattern he’s establishing. Gordy was introduced at the end of the first arc and then was part of the second. The Sword of Abraham was introduced at the end of the second arc and is now part of the third. The characters aren’t castaways though. Bunn makes them fully fleshed. They are integral to the tapestry that Bunn is weaving.

This issue introduces a new villian, Eli Barlow, and at the same time with just a passing comment we’re introduced to a larger organization. The two men working for Mrs. Hume mention The Council. And with that another piece is added.

Bunn is doing a masterful job at constructing this series. The amount of concepts introduced could easily overwhelm many books, but Bunn keeps it tight and controlled. Drake and Becky are the central focus and they remain so, but they’re small pieces in a larger story.

Eli Barlow doesn’t do much, beyond making zombies, but his introduction is as strong as others have been in The Sixth Gun. And the last pages, great sequance with a surprising ending.

Hurtt’s work is softer in this issue. You can tell that it’s still his style, but the hard edges are there like normal. He’s got a good grasp of storytelling and is spot on with the details of the time.

The Sixth Gun #12 receives
4.5 out of 5

This is a book that everyone should be reading.

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