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Witch Doctor #1
Published on Thursday, June 30, 2011 by

Written by: Brandon Seifert
Art by: Lukas Ketner
Letters: Brandon Seifert
Colors: Sunny Gho
Cover Art: Lukas Ketner w/ Sunny Gho
Editor: Sina Grace

This is the first non-Kirkman-written book to come out from the Skybound imprint and it’s been mentioned (and hyped) since the announcement of the creation of Skybound. That’s a long time.

I’m somewhat torn on the book. I like the concept. The execution isn’t bad. But there’s just something about the book I don’t like.

I love the idea of turning possession into a disease, complete with medical and scientific methods of curing the sickness. It’s a great concept. Great idea. The combination of the occult, magic and science is nice. Seifert makes it all work together nicely, none of the elements work against eachother and all the explanations make sense.

The break down happens with the characters themselves. The Witch Doctor himself, Dr. Vincent Morrow, is extremely creepy and slimy. There’s a kind of charm to him, but it’s in the same kind that Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka had. The creep overpowers the charm. Creepy characters can be entertaining but I don’t find Morrow to be entertaining at all. There’s a craziness to him. But it wasn’t a good kind. He wasn’t an enjoyable character to read.

The rest of the cast is bland. There’s potential with Penny Dreadful, and she could be the breakout character. I think I’d like to see more of her then Morrow. The other guy, I can’t even place his name, he made that much of a lacking impact.

The execution of the concept was good. I liked the device that Morrow employed and the umbrella. But it was Morrow employing the devices and that didn’t let me enjoy them as much as I could have.

The script moves around at a good pace. Almost too fast. The scenes jump quickly, almost too quickly, making it kind of jumpy.

The art by Ketner is nice. There’s a little bit of Kelley Jones and Bernie Wrightson to his work. The demons are appropiately chaotic looking. The devices have a nice occulty feel to them.

He’s got a decent grasp of storytelling. There’s a couple of jumps in the action but nothing that bad. The figures are well proportioned and look good. He did a good job with the possessed kid.

Witch Doctor #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

Great concept, decent execution, but unlikeable characters.

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