The GeeksverseJackhammer: Political Science #3 (of 4)

Jackhammer: Political Science #3 (of 4)
Published on Tuesday, July 5, 2011 by

A former superhero is now an investigator, Jack McGriskin, keeps finding that he can leave behind the flashy superherodom of being Jackhammer, but not the life of heroics. They mystery unfolds in South Boston when the world of superheros and non capes collide.

Jumping into a small press miniseries can be daunting because of slow turn around time. This comic has been created in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. If you haven’t read it yet, now is a good time to catch up on the first 3/4 of this story.

In the previous installments, Jack McGriskin’s background and the mystery begins. The pacing for the first three issues is good. In general the layouts were functional and dynamic. The comic layout was easy to read. The pages broke down well. This is the type of story that could have been possible if Marvel’s Civil War had made long lasting changes instead of just rebooting the Marvel Universe. This is an enjoyable read committed to a nice premise. It feels fresh and new. I’d recommend it to readers that are at times fed up with so much super-hero reading on the comic shop shelves.

The third installment of the miniseries has a one page recap to bring the reader up to speed. The coloring shift in the flashback is interesting.
Afterward the story picks right up with Jack’s plan. The plan unfolds as the team heads to where they expect to find the answers they are looking for.

One oddity: the Black Smile is an odd name for a serial killer villain. Overall he appears to be a well dressed piano playing mastermind. Turns out while he rarely fights superheros but has a high body count on his resume.

The good and the bad collide in this issue in a creepy ear licking action packed several pages. The good guys storm the fort, or in this case the semi-abandoned hospital, to save the day.

The fourth installment will finish up the series and resolve what is going on.

Jackhammer: Political Science #3 “Crimes of a Nation”
Creator/Writer: Brandon Barrows
Artist/Character Designs/Cover: Ionic
Letterer/Text Layouts/Logo: GonzoGoose Design’s Brant W. Fowler

Besides finding Jack one more time in Jackhammer #4, the Grim Crew Extraordinary #1 featuring Hound and expounding on the world created in this miniseries. Check out Reasonably Priced Comics website for more information about upcoming comics including Voyaga, Westerns, and sci-fi stories.

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