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Spike Witwicky, Backfire, Human Alliance
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A new blockbuster movie means more movie tie-in toys. Some have left me thinking MegaNo, while others are better. The robots in disguise that have caught my eye recently are the Human Alliance figures, especially the slimmer packaged cheaper Human Alliance figures.

Shogi has previously reviewed Sandstorm and Private Dedcliff which has that slightly reminiscent G.I. Joe look behind those hollow eyes.

I wanted to return to the toy aisle and pick up one of the other figures and see how it compares. Yesterday at K-Mart they were running a sale on the peg hanging Human Alliance figures so I picked up Spike Witwicky and Backfire for $7.99. Last year I only picked up one Human Alliance figure, at Ross on discount, because I didn’t want to buy into the higher price point, but the $10 figures are more attractive. I like the triple change robots and human pals at a lower price. On sale is a bonus, especially for a uniformed, helmeted generic looking figure like Spike and his inverted autobot pal.

Starting with Spike Witwicky, he has the same articulation reported on in the Private Dedcliff figure:

Swivel Head
Swivel Hinge Shoulders
Swivel Wrists
Swivel Hinge Hips
Swivel Hinge Knees

That is a lot of articulation and motion for a tiny action figure. That is handy for a figure that is designed to climb and ride atop their robotic friends. The wrists are a handy addition for grabbing the handlebars. Compared to my Revenge of the Fallen Seymour Simmons the height is believable and the articulation is similar, except that Simmons also bent at the waist whereas the newer humans have fused torsos. A lot of motion in a small area, even if not as much as the previous Transformer humans. My 2.5″ Terminator Salvation toys only move at the head, shoulder, and hip. The Terminator toys don’t even appear to be the same scale when packaged together, so the slight height difference between Witwicky and Simmons is not bothersome.


One of the problems that Shogi mentioned with Private Dedcliff is the hollow blank eyes. Checking out the pegs at local retailers all of the Dedcliffs I’ve seen have those creepy unpainted eyes coupled with a beautifully tiny autobot emblem. Spikey Witwicky fixes that with the helmet. The helmet also helps create a troop builder possibility that the field-leader-esque Private Dedcliff did not have. Although, for an action figure carrying the name of SpikeWitwicky this figure does seem very generic. Sergeant Chaos is another helmeted figure from the Human Alliance, but from the dark side. Chaos is another potential troop builder.

The figure is my favorite part of the set perhaps because it is the easiest part of the set to pull from the package and start playing.

The larger part of this Transformer toy is the transforming robot. In this case, Backfire is a triple changing robot with a difficulty level of two. Backfire becomes a robot, an inverted trike (like a Can-Am Spyder), and an alien weapon system mode. The figure has a nice heft for the size. The plastic is thick and not soft. The swivels spun around. The joints are stiff out of the box but will probably relax with continued play.

The instruction sheet shows how to create all three modes. Only one of the instructions start in a robot position, from robot to weapon mode despite that being how my robot starts out of the package. The slick instruction sheet is black and white with what could be helpful red highlighting with directional arrows. Not as easy to read as a Lego instruction sheet but somewhat helpful. As a literate person, a few words about how to get my seat and rear wheel to recombine would have been helpful. At present, mine has yet to fully become either a weapon system or an inverted trike. Perhaps one day with continued play it will.

This is an easier transformation than the other Human Alliance figures that I own. Mudflap and Chromia from Revenge of the Fallen, may be permanently stuck in disguise. I have spent time moving Chromia from a motorcycle to a robot but have decided that it is easier to just leave it a motorcycle. Perhaps I didn’t have enough Transformers as toys, but this seems more complicated than my G1 reproduction Optimus Prime. I need a Transformer expert, or a small child, to help me finish transforming this inverted trike into an inverted trike.

Perhaps on sale at 7.99 I should pick up three of these and trap one each form for convenience sake. Am I too lazy to transform my transformers? No, I’m just out of practice.

Shogi’s pictures of Private Dedcliff make it seem as if the figure fits the buggy better than Spike Witwicky fits onto Backfire. Even fully transformed the vehicle is a bit big for the figure. Like Chromia and Simmons the figure is a bit smaller than needs to be. The vehicles are closer to 1/18 (3 3/4″) than 2 1/2″ scale. It looks fine unless you stare at them for hours.

Spike Witwicky is part of the first wave of Dark of the Moon Human Alliance figures. Another motorcycle robot and troop builder action figure, Sergent Noble and Tailpipe from wave two would make a nice addition to my Human Alliance motorcycle rider collection. Discuss Human Alliance figures and Transformers 3 on the Pryde Forum.

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