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Flashpoint #3
Published on Friday, July 8, 2011 by

Written by: Geoff Johns
Penciled by: Andy Kubert
Inked by: Sandra Hope
Colors: Alex Sinclair
Letters: Nick J. Naplitano
Cover Art: A- Andy Kubert w/ Sandra Hope and Alex Sinclair; B- Ivan Reis w/ George Perez & Rod Reis
Assistant Editor: Kate Stewart
Associate Editor: Rex Ogle
Editor: Eddie Berganza

I’ve read alot of comics and I’ve seen alot of stories make big jumps in logic to make the overall story work. Flashpoint makes not one, but two, of those big jumps in logic.

We’re supposed to believe that Batman accepts Barry Allen’s reasoning so quickly and easily? We’re supposed to believe that Cyborg, in turn, so readily accepts Batman’s demands and is that eager to break into secret government files?

The overall story of Flashpoint revolves around those two points. Without either of those, the story wouldn’t and couldn’t move forward. So no matter what, Batman has to believe Barry and Cyborg has to believe Batman.

It’s such a flimsy premise to hang the event on.

Because the main plot is so linear, Barry must restore the timeline to it’s rightful way (which we know isn’t going to happen as Flashpoint is the way the new relaunch gets “created”), it makes the side stories seem nothing more then page filler. Why should we care about the war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman?

Grifters appearance? Is it supposed to come off as shocking? It might have if we didn’t know about the integration of the Wildstorm and DC universes already. It would have been a total shock and a great story element if the surprise hadn’t already been revealed. Same with the appearance by Element Woman. Because of the September relaunch we know she’ll play a major role, so it’s no surprise seeing her make an appearance.

The release of news of the relaunch has stolen story moments from this event. Instead of stregthening the event, it’s made it more lackluster because we know it’s meaningless. We know that this “flashpoint” world gets changed and we know that the DCU doesn’t go back to what it was pre-Flashpoint.

In a way I’m glad I haven’t been picking up the Flashpoint specials as they seem nothing more then a waste of money. Sure they may be good stories on their own, but they have no impact on the greater DCU and why should we learn more about characters that have no impact on the Flashpoint story itself?

Ultimately the story falls flat because the key points are forced and there’s so much fluff.

Kubert’s art is great though. It’s nice to see him redesign some of the DC characters.

Flashpoint #3 receives
3 out of 5

Overall the story has been pretty boring.

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