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Bikini Biker Girls
Published on Sunday, July 10, 2011 by

Bikini Biker Girls is an originalManga Volume original series following two friends, Lily and Kitty, who are looking for fun and getting in and out of trouble. Supposedly sexy fun humor.

14 volumes of nearly 280 pages.

The first online volume cover

Created by Tim Teague, but it could have used an artist. This one man creation suffers artistically. On the first page Teague felt the need to label the lunch container instead of letting the panel of art speak for itself. Teague, not the strongest classical artist chops being displayed, looks like the stereotypical manga art. Sadly, the art starts mediocre and goes down hill unevenly.

Lily and Kitty, besides being Bikini Biker Girls, are introduced as high school students on the last day of school. Buxom, bored, and boarding to increase the action out of the frumpy school girl role with copious panty shots. As rite of passage, the girls leave behind the high school doofuses and blossom into full head turning women…or perhaps barely legal teens hang out in a naughty place to do borderline naughty things…either way.

last page of volume 1

This series misses the erotic subtly of Barbed Wire. This series also misses all of the cinematic flair of Lone Wolf & Cub, although it does try to move the “camera” in a convincing focus without the realistic chops of Koike.

Pike’s Corner, the evening distraction from boredom, is a stereotypical tough place. It lacks cohesiveness or community.

The tension between the two friends is stereotypical as half of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The shy girl gets a couple of good lines, while the bad girls dialogue almost seems unfinished. An artist with an eye to detail might have suggested ways to fix the sluggish pacing and preserve the dynamic between the characters.

As an online exclusive, this doesn’t quite have the total experience package of a printed manga. Even without the closing of Tokoyopop this doesn’t feel like a piece that would be published. The premise is as good as many other manga on the boo store shelf, but the execution is lacking. How long does it take to introduce motorcycles into Bikini Biker Girls? You may not want to read long enough to find out.

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