The GeeksverseReasonably Priced Comics #3 (Anthology)

Reasonably Priced Comics #3 (Anthology)
Published on Sunday, July 10, 2011 by

Issue three is scheduled for release July 27th, 2011 and features:

“Voyaga: Identity”, the third part of book 1 by Brandon Barrows and Ionic (both of JACK HAMMER fame). Dean Kirkland thought he was alone in the savage, decaying hulk of the world of the 31st century, but when he finds other humans will it turn out to be a blessing or a curse?

“Kidthulhu: Fetch”, by Martin Brandt II (DEAD FUTURE) & Jason Stephens (THE SOVEREIGN). Everyone’s favorite adorable Elder Horror comes to the pages of Reasonably Priced Comics! All Kid wants to do is spend some quality time with his pet, but does anything ever work out the way its planned?

“Western Addition: Dinner Guests”, by Brandon Barrows and Leandro Panganiban (ANIMAL CONTROL: SCU). A preview of an all-new western series! Guests can be a pain when they’re invited, but barging in at dinner time is just so rude!

Plus another painted cover by Ionic!

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