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Live Rounds Needs Your Help to Kickstart Comic & Film
Published on Monday, July 11, 2011 by

Live Rounds is taking donations to Kickstart the graphic novel project. Donating could place you in the comic!

When a team of bounty hunters is hired to find a young corporate thief, they soon discover their target is innocent, and their boss is a charming but ruthless drug lord who wants the kid dead. Refusing to hand him over, the team are now on the run from their own employer.

Live Rounds began life as a screenplay that I wrote, and will begin shooting as a feature film later this year. But I also wanted to do a graphic novel version. Great artists don’t work cheap, so I turned to Kickstarter.

This will be a magazine-sized, full-color graphic novel of 120 pages. My artist, Trevor Denham, is amazing, so now we just need your support to get us there.

I spent two years studying story structure/screenwriting (and writing 2 other screenplays) before writing Live Rounds. Folks tell me it’s a fun read that moves along well. In fact, the casting company helping us with the film version came on board for free based on the strength of the screenplay.

It’s a big ensemble cast, with conflicts at both the physical and the emotional level. So it’s been an ambitious project, but sometimes you just have to drag your dream into existence. Hopefully, you’ll get that bittersweet moment on the last page when you realize your time with these characters has come to an end, and you don’t want them to leave.

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