The GeeksverseSpontaneous #1 & #2 – Advanced Reviews

Spontaneous #1 & #2 – Advanced Reviews
Published on Monday, July 11, 2011 by

Written by: Joe Harris
Art by: Brett Weldele
Lettered by: Douglas E. Sherwood
Cover Art: Brett Weldele
Editor: Jill Beaton

Spontaneous #1 premiered as Oni’s offering for Free Comic Book Day. The first issue is being rereleased and we were able to get ahold of a copy of #1 and #2 to review.

The town of Bayville is home to a lot of unexplained deaths by fire. There’s always a reason given, an explanation that most people can accept, but Melvin sees beyond and sees what isn’t explained. His father was a victim of spontaneous human combustion and he thinks all these other people have been victims as well.

He drags a wanna-be reporter into the mix and thats when things start to get interesting.

The first part of the first issue does good leading us in one direction and then veering sharply off course. Or did it? There’s still enough given in the two issues to make us wonder about the first thought of who the culprit is. But could it be explained by some supernatural means? There’s enough evidence for that as well.

Harris is doing good making an interesting mystery. He leads us down one path and then throws clues that point to a different direction, but then there are sprinkles that the first path might be right. But then some other clues are thrown in that show something else. Supernatural or industrial?

There’s alot going on, but Harris manages to keep it all contained, all flowing smoothly and naturally. It could easily have been overwhelming but Harris keeps it under control. The characters are interesting, even when there’s not much face time given to them. There’s little details that make them all stand out, such as the police chief bringing her little girl to the hospital on an investigation.

Melvin, the main character, is hard to pin down. The second issue shows us more of his home life but it’s here that the art breaks down a bit, making for a touch sequance to follow. The reporter, Emily, is annoying. I really don’t like her character and with her the art again breaks down. She goes from frumpy to cute, from fat to skinny. She’s hard to gauge and pin down except that she’s annoying.

The overall mystery is pretty interesting with enough clues to keep us all guessing.

Weldele’s art is nice. I like his work. It reminds me of a more controled Ashley Wood, with the figures and backgrounds being lines drawn over the colors. The opening scene with the first victim, an overly obese man ordering alot of McDonald’s-style food, is exceptional. The shot where he looks at the “camera”, you can see the almost self-loathing in his face.

The art does break down here and there, but it’s nothing major. Some sequances are hard to follow because of the style and layouts, hard to understand what is being conveyed.

Overall the work is good. It’s a good style.

Spontaneous #1 & #2 receives
4 out of 5

An interesting mystery that has a unique starting point.

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