The GeeksverseDamaged #1 – Advanced Review

Damaged #1 – Advanced Review
Published on Friday, July 15, 2011 by

Written by: David Lapham
Art by: Leonardo Manco

Damaged is created by Michael and John Schwartz of Full Clip Productions and produced by Sam Worthington. It’s the story of Frank and Henry Lincoln. They’ve been seperated for thirty-five years. Frank has become a well respected member of the San Francisco Police Force. He’s in charge of the organized crime division and is an morally upright cop. He’s getting old and the corrupt politicos don’t want him around anymore, forcibly retiring him in favor of a young blood. Henry returns and starts pulling a Punisher on the organized crime in the city.

The deeper story is about Frank coming to grips with the past and his mistakes, as well as coming to terms with the overall ineffectiveness of his reign as captain of the organized crime division. Henry does in a couple of days what Frank spent an entire career trying to do.

Henry is a fairly standard Punisher archetype. He’s not completely amoral. The guilty die, the innocent live. We don’t get into Henry’s head like we do Franks. But we get enough to know that both brothers are extremely damaged and in different ways.

The script by Lapham is strong. You really feel for Frank, the aging cop. The scene at the diner with Wendy is really touching.

The art by XXXX is really good. There’s alot of close-ups on the eyes of the two brothers, really showing the emotions. The overall effect gives a realistic almost photo quality to the book. Each character has their own distinct look and feel, each different sizes, being able to pick them apart even when shadowed. The waitress Wendy even shows signs of age, well still looking attractive.

The layouts are well done. The story flows smoothly and naturally, working with the script.

Damaged #1 receives
4.5 out of 5

A good start to an interesting story. Worth checking out.

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