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Tailpipe, Sergeant Noble, Whirl, Major Sparkplug
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The Transformer Human Alliance action figures need more Decepticons. The third movie, Dark of the Moon, features both Autobots and Decepticons aligning themselves with humans alongside the giant robots. The toy aisle is Autobot heavy. Icepick and Sergeant Chaos are grossly outmatched by the overwhelming Autobot forces and their human riders.

The Pryde has already reviewed Backfire and the helmeted Spike Witwicky and the G.I. Joe looking set Sandstorm and hollow eyed Private Dedcliff. Returning to the $9.99 selection of autobots I picked up Tailpipe and Sergeant Noble to add to my growing mini-motorcycle robot collection as well as a neat one seater helicopter, Whirl, and Major Sparkplug. Again these robots in disguise also hide triple changing abilities that can be posed with their human accessories.

Like Spike Witwicky, the articulation: Swivel Head, Swivel Hinge Shoulders, Swivel Wrists, Swivel Hinge Hips, and Swivel Hinge Knees.

That is still a lot of articulation for this small of figure. That is a definite plus. Like Private Dedcliff, these figures have the hollow black eyes. Spike Witwicky’s helmet was a nicer head option. Noble and Sparkplug are missing the tiny Autobot emblems which could make them troop fodder for either side if their playmates are feeling creative. The black eyes may be a detraction from the figure when playing up close. although they look fine displayed at a distance.

These figures need helmets and masks to hide the eyes

Spike Witwicky’s child like stature was not problematic, however, Sergeant Noble paired with Tailpipe is a bit dwarfish. The human companion can barely reach the handlebars which is fine since he cannot actually put his hooked hands around the handlebars. Revenge of the Fallen Simmens looks closer to the right scale for this new motorcycle. Elita-1 and Arcee are better size motorcycle than Tailpipe for this line. Tailpipe, which is a mixture of a Honda Goldwing and BMW touring bike, is larger than needed.

Major Sparkplug fits into his helicopter even if his legs dangle out oddly. Sparkplug’s hollow eyes cannot see out of the cockpit because of the grey canopy. Luckily the robot flies itself.

Tailpipe makes his little friend look little

Overall this is a fun line. These figures are a bit smaller than they need to be, but they are still fun. I still think that Hasbro should release M.A.S.K. figures and cars in this scale. Without needing to turn into a robot vehicles and figures in this scale could be a fun toy line. Hopefully if that were to happen the faces would look better and they would have masks to hide them.

Since the Bayformers transformers focuses heavily on the humans around the robots in disguise, it is fitting that the last two movies have included action figure humans. Spike Witwicky, Major Sparkplug, and Sergeant Noble join the movie’s Captain Lennox and Sergeant Epps to gang up on the troop builder and Decipticon supporting the last installment of Bayformers Dark of the Moon Human Alliance figures. Oddly Tech Sergeant Epps, a fixture in all three movies, has been down graded from Rise of the Fallen’s Sideswipe to driving around with Skids on the toy aisle. Elita-1’s inclusion barely makes that sufferable. Epps has a new design for the new movie tie-in toy, losing his helmet and gaining a fierce facial expression. In toy form Sam Witwicky finally becomes an active N.E.S.T member, in the K-Mart exclusive pack.

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