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Godzilla: G &G #2
Published on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 by

Godzilla goes smash. If writers struggled to find stories for the Incredible Hulk, who smashed things and then some little guy cried about it for twenty years, then Godzilla must be even more daunting. Godzilla smashes, usually Tokoyo, sometimes other monsters or robots, but then what. Godzilla is an interesting character fro IDW to push. What is it?

Luckily, instead of a long running serial IDW has chosen to instead to mini series and one shots. This is a better portion rather than being tied into long running plot swirling. It seems to be the model used in Godzilla movies of the past. The attempt at a continuous cartoon series should have failed hard enough to steer future creators away from attempting that again.

The most recent incarnation is the John Layman penned Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths drawn by Alberto Ponticelli, colored by Jay Fotos, and ultimately pitting Mothra against mobsters. In the first issue a detective has been taken to near the island of monsters. The detective escaped with the ability to exert limited control over Mothra to take down his nemesis mobster.

This is a fun deviation to the monster smash story.

The second issue picks up on a rainy night with detective Makoto Sato ready for a fight. Apparently the honorable detective has been framed for the murder of his partner which he contends he did not do. The back story is covered in a retreating series of flashbacks. Even odder is the confrontation between Makoto Sato and the controlling force behind Mothra. If two pixie like beings in a box control Mothra, then do you really want to pull a gun on them? Do you want an audience with the giant winged weapon or the friendly pixies that control it? If the receding flashbacks were dizzying, then forcing Mothra to do your bidding seems stupefying.

Overall it is a fun read, even if this key moment does not make sense. The art is well done. Destruction occurs. Apparently next issue brings in the missing goliath. I defended the first issue of G:G&G #1. Overall because of the challenge that is this character I think this is a nicely wrought attempt. I’m not sure it can get much better. The crime story mixed with creatures is a nice attempt overall. Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

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