The GeeksverseFly #2

Fly #2
Published on Thursday, July 28, 2011 by

Written by: Raven Gregory
Illustrated by: Eric J
Colors: Michael Garcia & Nei Ruffino
Letters: CRANK!
Cover Art: A- Amanda Connor w/ Nei Ruffino; B- Darick Robertson w/ Nei Ruffino; C- Eric J w/ Michael Garcia; D- Ale Garza w/ Blond

The first issue of this new series started off pretty strong and the second issue continues the dual story lines, somewhat. It’s not as strong as the first issue though. It’s still somewhat of an interesting concept, but the decision to concentrate on the past, doesn’t help. The first issue had both the present and the past and that kept the story flowing and interesting.

The flashback helps flesh out the relationship between Eddie and Danielle. The idea is to show that they have a strong relationship so that when it breaks down, as we saw in the first issue, it makes the addictive nature of the drug even more potent. But it almost seems like Gregory went too far with the part about Danielle thats shown. That there’s abuse in her past detracts from the power of the drug and what it does to their relationship. Now so much of what Danielle does can be traced back to the abuse.

For a story thats supposed to be about the strength of the Fly drug and addiction, having the additional abuse angle isn’t needed and just detracts from the main focus.

Using two different art styles for the present and past is a decent idea. Normally it’s done by color or different artists, and this does have the feel of different artists as the style is so different. I’m not a fan of the past style at all. It feels lacking and unfinished. The present art style is much better.

Fly #2 receives
3.5 out of 5

Not as strong as the first issue but still an interesting concept.

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