The GeeksverseJoe Hill’s The Cape #1

Joe Hill’s The Cape #1
Published on Friday, July 29, 2011 by

Written by: Jason Ciaramella w/ Joe Hill
Art by: Zach Howard
Colors: Nelson Daniel
Letters: Shawn Lee
Cover Art: A- Zach Howard w/ Nelson Daniel; B- Nelson Daniel
Editor: Chris Ryall

I’ve been looking forward to this series since it was announced shortly after the one-shot. The one-shot was pretty damn good with an extremely intriguing concept. I was wondering how Hill and Ciaramella would take the concept and make it into a limited series. So far it’s off to a good start.

The mini-series picks up where the one-shot left off. Angie is dead and the police are investigating. What follows is how Eric responds to it. This is an extremely screwed up man. The last page of the one-shot revealed his true personality and this issue shows more of that. It’s uncomfortable to read about a man who would rather go and play video games instead of talking to the police about the death of his ex-girlfriend. The police detective said it perfectly, something’s not right.

And how Eric chooses to deal with the police? Ingenious. And just a bit funny. The Cape is a bit warped but an extremely entertaining and well written story. Ciaramella’s script is well paced. The story flows smoothly. There’s alot of depth to the story, higly complimented by Howard’s art.

Story and art work perfectly together in this story. It’s the little bits that make the story so strong, the glances and the facial expressions. The pictures in Eric’s cellphone are well thought out and well laid out, showing a map of his progression from good to bad.

Howard’s art is great. He’s got a very good feel for page layouts. There are no wasted panels or movement. Each panel is as strong as the previous, all working together to make for a great book.

The Cape #1 receives
5 out of 5

Picking up where the one-shot left off, the story grows stronger.

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