The GeeksverseGood time to be a Geek: Charlotte ComicCon 2011

Good time to be a Geek: Charlotte ComicCon 2011
Published on Monday, August 1, 2011 by

Some of my fondest memories consisted of my dad taking me to local comic shows. I remember when Alien Legion came out and I was crazy for this title. My dad informed me that the artist for the book was signing at a small show in Delaware and I had to go. The one thing I remembered from the event was the wall to wall comics and the incredible vibe and feel from the fans. For a young boy I was in heaven and impressed with my future hobby. No one dressed up but people knew their books and characters.

This past Sunday, Charlotte was host to a small comic convention that many, might have passed up. If this was the case let me refer back to my story. The one element that I remembered was the overall vibe and feel of the show. That same vibe and feel was very much alive today in Charlotte. Unlike the big guys, these small shows seem more personable and relaxed. There was deals to be had (GI JOE NightForce Tunnel Rat for $1 for example), wall-to-wall comics and fans dressed up in costume is the norm. This show even showcased a powerful artist alley. Half of the talent was local but that illustrates the passion of the comic fan in this region.

This show has been around for years and has become a big draw for many collectors. Dealers are a plenty and many meet up with friends to talk about comics. To me this is the perfect show; good friends, comics and excitement over a hobby. I highly recommend this show; you never know what you will find. I lost that signed issue of Alien Legion years ago; today I finally found a replacement copy and I am excited to relive adventures from years past. It’s a good time to be a Geek..

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