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Hasbro’s Kre-O Transformers Prowl Review
Published on Monday, August 1, 2011 by

Hasbro unveiled their Kre-O line at Toyfair last year and it was something that got me very excited. At the time I wasn’t sure if Transformers was the best of Hasbro’s brands to launch this. After all, you have to take it apart to get it from one form to the other, but I understand the power of the Transformers brand right now. I think that Kre-O would work better with something like G.I. Joe where you could have the mini-figs (Kreons in this case) and put them into the buildable vehicles and buildings. But then G.I. Joe isn’t as big a brand was Transformers right now.

I picked up a set to take a look and see if it’s worth getting more.

The booklet has instructions for making both. I started with the police car, as the instruction book does. What’s interesting is that they expect you to make both car and robot one right after the other because some stickers are applied in each phase. So when the car is done, if you followed the instructions and didn’t skip ahead (which I didn’t), there’s only stickers on one door for example.

The Kreons, the mini-figs, are pretty cool. The Prowl one is pretty posable and makes a nice little figure to display. The SWAT guy has a helmet and a hat and can go inside the police car when it’s done (but the roof has to come off). There’s also a bunch of accessories that come with him; a sniper, machine gun, pistol, briefcase and walkie talkie.

Quick note on the Kreons. I love the idea of having the first round of Transformers figures in the mini-fig form and if Prowl is any indication, they’ll rock. The rest of the mini-figs just seem weird though. Sure it’s nice have figures to pose with the vehicles, but these are Transformers and they never had drivers before, so why do they need them now?

I’d love a full set of Transformers Kreons, but going to be tough (and expensive) to do.

The car is pretty easy to make. There was one spot that I got messed up on and that involves the two single black bricks, one is twice as tall as the other. I put the bigger ones because thats what it looked like to do and then realized my mistake a couple steps later.

It’s not really smooth looking, but it is a building block afterall, so it comes out pretty well.

Now it’s time for the robot and this highlights the biggest negative of the Kre-O Transformers. You have to take it apart to build it again. And anyone that’s built Lego’s, or other building blocks, knows that it can be a pain to take the smaller pieces apart. And so it was. My girlfriend even had trouble getting some of the small pieces off when they were in the middle of a bigger block.

But the robot is pretty easy to construct. There’s a couple of spots when doing the arms and legs that can get a little confusing and you have to pay attention to direction. The biggest issue with the robot form is scale. The doors are too small to serve as the “wings”, the legs and arms are too long, and the body is too bulky. They did a great job with the head though.

The robot does have some articulation. The arms move at the “elbows” and there is some shoulder movement. The legs can do a split, but don’t bend at the knees, but they do move at the ankles.

I can see a full set of these looking pretty cool when displayed, but as a single set it lacks luster. I liked it and enjoyed the building aspects, but this is definately a line where you want to get more then one set.

Kre-O Transformers Prowl receives
3 out of 5

It’s fun but only good if have more then one. Kre-O, and Kreons, is an idea that is perfect for G.I. Joe and I hope Hasbro does a Joe line because it would be amazing.

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