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Steel City Con Report
Published on Monday, August 1, 2011 by

Steel City Con is an annual culture convention with a heavy emphasis on toys and collectibles held in Monroeville, PA near Pittsburgh. Monroeville convention center is an excellent location. I’m sure that many of the out of town attendees dropped by the notable mall in the same parking lot. The mall is of course where Romero night filmed his classic zombie horror film, Dawn of the Dead with stunt coordinator Tom Savini doubling as the lead biker in the movie. Holding the con near one of the regions geekiest zombie related attractions was a big plus, adding to the enjoyment of the show itself.
Monroeville Mall
Friday, with the doors opening at 2:00, is when I attended. The ticket booth was professional and attentive. The line moved well. The crowd, which lined up across the front of the entire convention center, was through the doors in moments, past the hourly prize box, and two impressive Lego statues, into a convention center filled with orderly rows of toys, comics, DVDs, toys, celebrities, t-shirts, and more toys.

G.I Joe, Transformers, Lego, Star Wars Thunder Cats, MOTU, and other collectible main stream brands were well represented. Sadly, only one booth seemed to have Bucky O’Hare’s Toad Marshall, and I never did find any Biker Mice From Mars or Captain Power. Although I may have missed them in the sea of toy vendors.

The Petro Mold Co. table did catch my eye. Their new line of re-workable model casting material and molds caught my attention. While I don’t do table top gaming, they have molds that I could see working into model train displays in the future. They were doing casting and customizing demonstrations of their product. They answered every question that I through their way. It was nice watching this product be demo-ed in front of my eyes. Neat.

Zombies and Toys had a Tom Savini action figure for sale which I had never seen before. The Japanese exclusive was very nice. They also had all sorts of zombie related merch which felt appropriate in Monroeville.

I picked up a couple of independent comics while looking around the show, including Horrific Tales Anthology, Evil Robo Presents, and Vigilante Granny. Vigilante Granny was being featured on Zuda but is now on Graphica.Ly. Evil Robo Productions and Kick Save Comics can all be found on Graphica.Ly. I’ll review all of these comics soon.

Other things to do in the area are numerous, if you want to plan a weekend around next year’s show. Phantom of the Attic, the physically closest comic shop to the show, has a cool name for an upstairs comic shop and a friendly staff. On my next trip to Steel City Con, I may need to plot a course to the Bellaire Ohio Toy and Plastic Brick Museum. I am a sucker for large Lego displays. It would be a worthwhile side trip.


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