The GeeksverseThe Infinite #1 – Advanced Review

The Infinite #1 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, August 1, 2011 by

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Penciled by: Rob Liefeld
Inked by: Rob Liefeld & Aldelso Corona
Colors: Hi-Fi Design
Letters: Rus Wooten
Cover Art: Rob Liefeld w/ Hi-Fi Design
Editor: Sina Grace

Rob Liefeld returns to Image, the company he helped found, and he’s working alongside the newest Image partner, Robert Kirkman.

How do the two mesh? It’s a hard question to answer. Kirkman doesn’t “up” Liefeld’s game. By this point in his career, we all know what a Liefeld comic is going to look like. But does Liefeld bring Kirkman down?

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest Kirkman fan. I don’t read The Walking Dead or Invincible, and what I’ve read of him has been good but not great. So what this means, to me, is that The Infinite ends up feeling like any number of Liefeld books from his heyday at Image/Extreme, Maximum, Arcade and Awesome (I think that’s all the different publisher’s he started/worked with).

Kirkman has said in interviews that he wanted Liefeld to do what made him “famous”; the large guns, the shoulder pads, the pouches, etc.. And those are in abundance for most of The Infinite.

The story concerns Bowen, who travels back in time to recruit his younger self to fight Imperius and The Infinite, who have taken over the future. It’s a fairly typical Liefeld plot but Kirkman does his best to add some much needed depth to the overall story. There’s a bit about Imperius taking over the world for “the greater good”, as it seems to be in better shape then it was before he took over.

The pace is pretty fast and there are quite a few logic jumps that end up being made. The biggest is why Old Bowen chose this precise moment to show himself to Young Bowen. And there’s already been a paradox created, which doesn’t get mentioned by anyone. Standard time travel rules are to not mess with the past and Bowen is doing just that. Is he really saving the world or just a possible future?

The script highlights the worst parts of Liefeld’s work. The expressions rarely match the mood set by the text. The actions look out of place in a couple of spots. In the end this isn’t a better writer making Liefeld look good, it’s Liefeld making a better writer look poorer.

Everything people either love or hate about Liefeld’s work is here. But it’s lacking the excitement that it used to have. Liefeld’s expression need work, his posing needs work, all of it needs work but what people have always enjoyed about his work is the excitement that it brought. There was an energy to his work.

That energy is lacking here. Imperious and the Infinite lack detail. They are plain and boring. And what kind of attempt at a military uniform does he give the US soldiers? Horrible.

The Infinite receives
2 out of 5

Liefeld fans, if they exist, will love this. Everyone else won’t.

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