The GeeksverseSonic Universe #30 Scourge: Lock-Down Part 2 of 4

Sonic Universe #30 Scourge: Lock-Down Part 2 of 4
Published on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 by

At the Charlotte Herocon, Ian Flynn discussed how it was different writing for Megaman than Sonic because Megaman had a working storyline to incorporate whereas Sonic had a blue hedge hog that ran and jumped. Sonic offered almost complete freedom to flesh out the world in any direction, which is why it has taken so many directions over the years. Sonic Universe is a title that allows ArchieComics to focus on characters other than the blue titular hedgehog from Sega. In Sonic Universe #29-32, the main focus is on Scourge the imprisoned green hedgehog trying to break out of a prison.

Scourge, who has conquered planets, is rendered nearly helpless by the suppression collars that slow him down within the high tech multi-verse prison. If he is going to survive and escape he’ll need help: Destructix.

This second issue in the four part arc is Scourge building his team and winning the confidence of the oddballs. It is also Scourge building back his own confidence and learning life lessons…about being a villain. It also tells the back stories of several Destuctix characters Fiona Fox, Sgt. Simian, and Predator Hawk. It is a lot of material covered quickly with copious flash backs but it works well.

Ian Flynn fleshes out the humanity of the characters as he builds the second part of this prison story.

While I knew that Sonic was a running and jumping hedgehog, I have not followed this long running game based series. Instead, I’ve read a few issues here and there, and have jumped into this promising sounding story. Thus far, I have found it easy to follow and fun. This really is an all ages prison tale.

Writer: Ian Flynn
Pencils: Tracy Yardley!
Inks: Jim Amash
Colors: Steve Downer
Letters: Phil Felix

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