The GeeksverseZorro Rides Again #1

Zorro Rides Again #1
Published on Saturday, August 6, 2011 by

Written by: Matt Wagner
Art by: Esteve Polls
Colors: Oscar Manuel Martin
Letters: Simon Bowland
Cover Art: Matt Wagner
Editor: Joseph Rybandt

I’m not quite sure why I was interested in picking this up. I’ve never been a big Zorro fan. I like Matt Wagner and figure that was the motivation.

I’m glad I picked this up.

I’m was afraid that it would be a standard Zorro story, but Wagner takes the standard and twists it a bit. The narration is from Diego’s father, who has just discovered his son’s secret. And that provides a couple of interesting moments. The father isn’t involved in Zorro’s missions, so it’s nice to see a silent side to those. We can’t see Zorro’s thoughts and have to rely on the art and action to tell the story.

This way of telling the story will give us a different view then what would normally get in a Zorro tale. It helps set this title apart from previous Zorro books. It’s an interesting choice and I’m intrigued to see how Wagner manages to handle this in later issues.

The plot of the issue itself is fairly standard Zorro fare. There doesn’t seem to be anything new or different about it, aside from how Wagner is choosing to tell the story.

Polls art is nicely detailed, reflecting the time period. The story calls for him to draw scars and he does a great job with that, not allowing them to be lost. The colorist, Oscar Martin, needs some credit for that as well. The double ‘Z’s on Gonzales really stand out.

For the most part he captures the look of the period but he seems to fail with Zorro’s father’s outfit. When first saw it, I thought it was a flashforward and someone in modern times was being shown. The suit just doesn’t look old.

Zorro Rides Again #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

Zorro fans will really enjoy this issue. Non-fans won’t find much to make them fans here, but the story does have some interesting moments.

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