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Misadventures of Adam West #1
Published on Sunday, August 7, 2011 by

After visiting several comic shops I finally located a copy of this comic. That is due in part to this being a comic with fan appeal: it’s Adam West. It is also due in part to most shops stocking Bluewater sparingly. The first comic shop I tried had only ordered three copies of the comic despite how many free comic book day samplers they distributed.

“The city has grown tired of heroes. Corporate greed, corrupt politics, celebrity scandals. We have no one to trust anymore.”- opening soliloquy. Adam West knows what it is to be a hero and he opens the comic with a large speech. The grandiose remembering of a bygone era of television and movies makes sense given that the draw in this comic is nostalgia for an actor that is revered even if his acting chops were never up to par with William Shatner. “He was the Caped Crusader long before he was the Dark Knight.”

This comic version of Adam West has a morale high ground and is refusing to take on roles that are not up to his code of ethics. It is a nice characterization of this mostly real person, although this most likely cannot be the same Adam West that voices himself on Family Guy, but rather a disconnected based on character. The morale high ground West, being down and out of work, is a great starting point to being fascinated by the mysterious talisman that begins the adventure story in this unorthodox biography miniseries.

In the Pryde’s interview with artist Russell Dauterman
he mentioned that he had to find his own reference materials for drawing West. He does a great job making West look like West. The action adventure mystery makes this an action packed story with hints of biography that are not overwhelming. It is distinctly different than other Bluewater biographies and a whole lot of fun.

If your local comic shop did not stock enough copies of this first issue, then make sure you’re on the restock list. After you grab a copy, then discuss on the pryde forum.

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