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Vigilante Granny
Published on Sunday, August 7, 2011 by

I bought Vigilante Granny’s preview issue based on the cover. Walking around Steel City Con I spotted the image of elderly hands knitting a domino mask on a poster and decided to buy the comic. That image doubled as the preview issue cover. Sold.

Vigilante Granny could have become a casualty of Zuda’s demise, since the web comic was beginning to be promoted when Zuda was stalled in DC’s restructuring. Zuda was a great starting point for promising new comics. Vigilante Granny was one of those odd concepts.

If superheroes think it’s hard trying to hide their secret identities from the public, just imagine what 78-year-old Faye Justis goes through trying to explain all of her bruises and tattered clothing to her family.

Kick Save Comics is a group of comic creators working together when they can, and promoting each other, creating unique comic experiences.

Vigilante Granny’s first page and second page on Kunkel’s Deviant art page. C.P. Wilson (Stuff of Legends) joins Don Kunkel. Kunkel is the writer and penciler of Granny. Wilson inked and lettered. The eight page preview was colored by Kunkel.

The Preview, not yet available on Kick Save’s Website, the brief preview sets up Faye Justis as a robot kicker with supernatural powers without giving any background. This is a fun beginning to the story that makes my mouth water for more tongue and cheek action. Luckily, Granny is a survivor. The cover art sold this book to me, as a cover should, but the interior was a lot of fun too. I’d read more.

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