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Half-Track and Altitude (DOTM)
Published on Monday, August 8, 2011 by

Some toys are just to ugly to buy. While in general I’ve been a fan of the imperfect Human Alliance toys, Half-Track and Altitude are horrid additions to that line up. Half-Track himself is not that bad, since he’s just a repaint of an earlier released autobot.

Half-Track is a whited out version of Sandstorm. Everything from Shogi’s earlier review hold true. The white looks fine. The head is better there than on some of the human alliance bots.

The major draw back of this two part set isn’t the triple changing robot repaint. I’m not above a nice repaint.

Unfortunately Half-Track is teamed by space explorer Major Altitude, a bubble headed nearly shapeless version of a human. His scale is off. His look is off. His colors are even odd. Not much redeemable here.

I still think that this scale could be used to revamp M.A.S.K., but his helmet causes me to doubt. What do you think about M. Altitude? Share your thoughts on the Pryde Forum.

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