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War Goddess #0
Published on Thursday, August 11, 2011 by

Published by: Boundless Comics
Written by: Mike Wolfer
Art by: Pow Rodrix
Colored by: DigiKore Studios
Cover Art: A- Clint Hilinski w/ DigiKore; B- Matt Martin w/ DigiKore; C- Jace Burrows w/ DigiKore; D- Michael Dipascale; E- Jake Ekiss; F- Charles Holbert Jr.

Years ago there were three comic characters, female all, all from different publishers. Widow was created and drawn by Mike Wolfer and was self published. Pandora came out from Avatar Press and Hellina came from Lightning Comics. Now, years later, in the pages of War Goddess, the three have come together.

And it doesn’t read as a crossover, it reads as if they three now share the same universe.

This is a zero issue and it’s an interesting one. Ending on the cliffhanger is definately odd for a zero issue and in a way defeats the purpose. A zero issue is supposed to be an introduction, help you determine if you want to pick up the series or not. This reads more like a standard first issue then it does a zero.

It’s not a bad thing, it just makes for odd numbering.

The only one of the three that I know anything about is Widow, and my knowledge ends around 1996. This issue serves more as an introduction to Pandora then the others, Widow only showing up near the end and in a supporting role. Wolfer does a great job of providing Pandora’s backstory but through the natural flow of dialogue. It comes out during the course of conversations, no flashbacks that stop the action.

I don’t know how much is the same as the original Pandora and how much is different, but the origin and idea behind the character in this comic is definately interesting. I like the idea of her closing the box and by inaction another one opens. It’s a good basis to build a series around.

I also like how Wolfer mixes hard science into what would normally be a magical story. Instead of magic, this ends up being science based and it makes Pandora’s origin stand out even more. The science fits nicely into the world, it’s not completely out there and is based in stuff closer to the real world. When Pandora mentions things that we can’t see, because the science is so close to real, we have to wonder if there really are things out there that we can’t see.

Each of the characters, with the exception of Hellina who only appears near the end, are decently fleshed out. We get snippets of personalities, interactions. It’s enough to make them stand out and not fade into the background.

The art by Rodrix is pretty decent. There’s some panels where the linework isn’t as solid, but the majority of it is good. He’s got a good grasp of storytelling. There’s a bit of cheesecake to some of the panels, model-like posing by the female cast, but there isn’t enough to make it hurt the overall book.

War Goddess #0 receives
3.5 out of 5

This would have worked better as a first issue, but it’s a solid introduction to the new Pandora.

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