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Black Dynamite on Adult Swim
Published on Friday, August 12, 2011 by

The satirical, action-comedy Blaxploitation film, Black Dynamite, which was released in 2009. It didn’t stop there. This year saw the release of the comic book. It didn’t stop there.

The minds behind the film Michael Jai White, Scott Sanders, Byron Minns, and Adrian Younge, are still working their hustle with this property. The Black Dynamite team also secured a deal with Cartoon Network to create a cartoon based on the film. The animated series is scheduled to debut on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, however, the 11 minute pilot was released online this week. The pilot involves the titular powerhouse and his crew being brought on board by the man. The CIA need the group of rouges to mod squad operatives plotting world control.

Adult Swim seems to be a fitting arena for Black Dynamite to show up and show down. No doubt the street tough character will take charge of the late night slot.

Jay Potts knows his strong blaxploitatoin heroes. He’s writing and drawing World of Hurt online which is back after its short hiatus. When Potts praises Black Dynamite as a modern free for all of the genre then he is a vote to take to the street.

Check out Jay Potts’ review of the series on his website:

Black Dynamite, the movie, was anything but restrained and prudish, but the animated pilot boasts a tone and sensibility that is even more raucus than the film. Unfettered from the budget restraints of live action, and seemingly unmoored from the influence of the MPAA, the animated Black Dynamite is more violent, sexy and profane than his movie counterpart. While it was not above (below?) the movie version of Black Dynamite to exploit his sexual prowess in order to extract the secret of Colonel Sanders’ fried chicken recipe, we never saw anything close to the giddy raunchiness of a puppet slapping Black Dynamite’s sidekick, Cream Corn, across the face with his “frog dick.” Visually, and in its sensibilities, the animated Black Dynamite feels like the fever dream of The Boondocks’ Riley Freeman after a bout with the fried chicken flu. (This may stem from the fact that the cartoon boasts some of the same creative team as The Boondocks, including artist, LeSean Thomas.)

Check out the preview of Black Dynamite online. Check out the listings for Adult Swim. Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

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