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30 years of MOTU
Published on Saturday, August 13, 2011 by

30 years of Masters of the Universe is being celebrated with mini-comics! Mattel commissioned three all new mini-comics from Dark Horse comics that will be packaged with action figures the way they were 30 years ago. The mini-comic was an integral part of creating the mythology of Masters for many young fans, so it is nice that this part is being restored if only temporarily.

The all new mini-comic mini series features story by Scott Neitlich, script by Tim Seeley, and art by Wellington Alves and cover by Eric Alves.

The first mini-comic is a revisit of “The Powers of Grayskull pt1,” a comic that started a story that was never finished in 1987. The story did not continue through the He-Ro line as originally planned. Revisiting the story now allows it to be finished. The 30th anniversary is a great opportunity to complete the story for the first time. Parts two and three will finally pick up the story and take it to new places and new never before seen battles.

The new mini-comics will be packaged with the 2012 MOTU quarterly figures available to subscribers through Matty Collector. The first issue, revisiting 1987, will be packed with Thunder Punch He-Man in March 2012. Issue 2 follows in June with the quarterly variant. The long awaited conclusion comes in September with the variant of that quarter. The comic will be packaged behind the figure as was the custom 30 years ago when the mini-comics were packaged with figures on toy aisles.

The best way to ensure that you don’t miss a single mini-moment in the big story is to subscribe to the 2012 Club Eternia subscription. Day of sale figures will also contain the figure, but in the past some of these figures have sold fast.

The first Thunder Punch issue was also given out at SDCC 2011 to panel attendees. Check out ActionFiguresInsider for more information about the 2011 panel and other MOTU related toy announcements (look at the three star sisters!).
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