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Hack/Slash #6
Published on Saturday, August 13, 2011 by

I’m going to agree with HorrorHaven that issue #6 starts a new story arc, duh, and can be a good place to jump into the world of Hack/Slash. It is probably a better place for Devils Due readers to jump into the Image series, but it is okay as a starting place for new readers. Like the last few issues of the Image ongoing monster bashers series former bad guys seem to be coming back. Death may not stop the undead after all. Because Cassie references older villains she has already met it can be a bit distracting for readers that have not been following this title for a while. Although overall it is a readable place for new readers to jump in.

This pop star bashing issue brings in the best elements of Hack/Slash when she plays iconoclast with a baseball bat.

WeeklyComicBookReview was disappointed by the small interactions between Cassie and Vlad. I agree that the banter between Cassie and Vlad is part of the dynamic that makes this comic great. Generally Vlad provides the humanity that the Ahab style focus of Cassie can miss. This isn’t a weakness of this particular issue because the issue is packed with introducing and slashing pop icons and TV celebrities. The short interactions between the dynamic duo read the way they should and the characterization is consistent.

This pop star popping issue also contains another short peek at Nef, a reference which new readers may not follow, but builds toward an upcoming…something. Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

Tim Seeley (writer), Daniel Leister (artist), Mark Englert (colorist), Crank! (letterer)

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