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Suicide Girl #4
Published on Saturday, August 13, 2011 by

What people call odd and strange this comic makes beautiful. The conclusion to the IDW-Suicide Girls miniseries wraps up the story in a stunning all exposed fight to the finish. The six member Suicide Girl team has been reduced to four free members. The rest are imprisoned by the crazy Orwell style cult. The team is going into get their sisters back.

Naked women, swords, guns, bombs, cyborgs, robots, evil doctors, and brain wave scanners all swirling around into a conclusion that almost makes sense. The cult leader seems to be oddly concluded. He hints at something else at play. Brainwave scanners, wiped memories, and assumed personalities always complicate the plot. This issue reads a little more sensical than previous issues, however overall it make sense.

Cameron Stewart once again captures the unorthodox flair of the Suicide Girls website combined with 80s nostalgia. Issue #4, available from, continues that feeling of Tank Girl meets G.I. Joe.

I still maintain that this miniseries, as imperfect as it is, should be the best selling offering from IDW. It has Tank Girl, G.I. Joe, monster trucks, robots, and naked women. Issue four delves into some full frontal nudity that may or may not be tasteful but sure is fun. The Comic Authority would not have approved.

The ending resolves this story arc but leaves open the possibility of future adventures. If they create more Suicide Girl adventures I hope that Cameron Stewart returns to handle the art duties. Stewart has captured the odd, bizarre, and beautiful that makes Suicide Girls a whole lot of fun.

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