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Batman Beyond #7, 8 & Beyond
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This cover sums up Batman Beyond #7 in an image.

Batman Beyond has been moving through villains. In the miniseries that brought back the future Bat and now in the on going regular series they have moved through a host of villains and even seem to have killed a few off along the way. Batman Beyond #7 concludes an arc that brings back Terry’s first villain. At the end of the arc his nemesis once again seems to be gone forever. That has happened before, but oozing into the grounds of Wayne Manor does sound more permanent.

One of the balances that this issue maintains is the other part of the arc. While the radioactive bad guy takes Terry’s attention, Bruce Wayne has to deal with a corrupt publicist. Bruce steps back into the role of CEO and takes over Wayne Industries. Removing the Powers name from the masthead may cost Bruce more than Terry understands. His attention will be divided. Will the Batcash flow slow down? Will resources come slower to the Batcave? Will the shadowy figures that are taunting Bruce to reclaim his company also involve Terry and the Bat suit? Only time will tell. One of the best parts of this series has been the balance of Terry, Max, Dana, and Bruce.

Speaking of Max, she is still being recruited by a criminal organization in order to protect Terry’s secret identity. Not much happens with her but it seems to be building toward a reveal.

The other young female character in the Terry cast, Dana, is still at home dealing with the return of her mysterious brother. In #7 we find that Terry’s brother has been a Joker gang member, but at least claims to not want that life anymore. Although he is a liar and off his medication so anything can happen. Dana’s break with Terry has given her room to develop her own back story in the background of the past few issues. Sway.

While IGN may find the Bat out put fair to middling, I disagree. I think that Beechen’s grasp on the ensemble cast and the balance makes this book great. Because Beechen currently has four independent threads swirling it can slow down the pacing. The Blight arc could have been a one shot if the Wayne, Max, and Dana sections were removed, but it is those peeks around Gotham that make this a title you should read issue after issue. Super Sway!


Wayne-Powers, the Wayne family fortune, and Batman’s life all hang by mere threads as one of Terry’s first and deadliest enemies stands on the verge of final revenge! Plus, Max takes a secret meeting, and the mystery of Dana’s brother deepens!

The cover to Batman Beyond #8 is less straight forward about the contents.

Batman Beyond #8 is a stand alone issue that rest comfortably after the large sweeping arc. This issue, which could be a filler, is a nice tale. Max is absent. Terry and Bruce seem to have the same relationship that they had until Bruce’s take over so that may mean changes in their relationship will happen slow or that this issue misses that fact. Batman is only in the beginning of the issue. Most of the focus is on Inque, another quick classic Beyond villain.

Again Beechen’s handling of Inque shows that he not only knows his TV cannon but also knows how to develop it into a deeper product. Perhaps this is the swan song for a fan favorite character. Inque seems to be dying and thinking about her life. However, Inque still has a little life left in her and seems to be imparting more than her disease on to the next generation. If this is the end of Inque, like we might have seen the end of Blight, then perhaps it is the start of something new for a new young woman.

Whether hero or villain, everyone has an origin story. In BATMAN BEYOND #8, writer Adam Beechen and artists Chris Batista and Rich Perotta weave together the never-before-told full tale of the misunderstood anti-hero Inque.

When a young girl is torn apart by personal tragedy, she does not turn onto the path of justice like her nemesis Batman once did. Instead, she channels her suffering into an involuntary transformation that results in her becoming a member of Gotham’s criminal underbelly.

Perhaps sadly, this version of Batman Beyond is finding its stride…and then it stops. Beyond returns with an all-new #1 and new story arc “10,000 Clowns” in 2012. The title sounds like it will involve the Joker gang, since they are the clown collective of future Gotham. Perhaps that means that the new #1 will pick up with the dangling story arcs that end in #7, and are missing from #8. If the restart is a marketing ploy to have another #1 in the beginning of the year and picks up where this series has developed then it won’t be sad at all, but instead will be a series to read. If it misses the opportunity to expand on this ground work then it could be a sad day in Wayne manor. Ending on a filler feeling issue casts a shadow of doubt by the big penny.

Will the Superman Beyond one shot in August help clarify the fate of the Beyond universe or muddy hopes?

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The opening page of the Inque/Batman Comic

Nearly enough Batman, the rest of the comic focuses on Inque

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