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Looking At The Market #1: July
Published on Monday, August 15, 2011 by

Diamond’s released July’s estimated numbers so let’s take a look.

The Spider-Island storyline helped propel Amazing Spider-Man to the top spot. #666, the first part of Spider-Island, comes in at #1 (135,564 copies) compared to #663 at 7th (57,040 copies), #664 at 10th (54,808 copies) both of which were out in June; and #665 at 16th (56,946 copies) out in July. That’s a pretty significant jump for a storyline.

It’ll be interesting to see if the title can carry those kind of numbers throughout the storyline and beyond.

Fear Itself and Flashpoint both took small dips from June to July. Not enough to drop them in the rankings as they fell from 2nd and 3rd in June to 3rd and 4th in July. This was really only to make room for Captain America #1.

The return of Steve Rogers to the costume, and the added benefit of being a first issue, helped move Cap’s title from 25th (#619, 44,796 copies) in June to #2 in July with 96,923 copies sold. I wonder where the title will fall with next month’s #2 and where it will even out. Remember a first issue usually has inflated sales owing to being a #1.

Interestingly enough, the old Captain America book that got renamed to Captain American And Bucky but kept the numbering came in fairly close to where it was before. #619 was 25th in June (44,796 copies) and #620 is 23rd in July (51,185 copies).

Also of interest, according to the G.I. Joe fansites, the Cobra series is the better book by far. But that’s not true according to the sales charts.

In June, the main Joe title outsold Cobra by about 1,500 copies. July was even worse. Cobra took a big dip from June to July, going from 186th (10,128 copies) in the rankings to 208th (7,740 copies). That’s a drop of almost 2,400 copies. That’s pretty significant.

The other three Joe titles (G.I. Joe, Snake Eyes, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero) were fairly steady, only dropping a couple hundred copies each (Joe: 263, SE: 245, ARAH: 175). In fact, ARAH outsold Cobra in the month of July by about 2,200; almost as much as Cobra dropped by.

Hopefully Cobra can regain some ground in August as it’s a very solid book.

The rankings are available on Diamond’s site. The copies sold is available in CBR’s analysis. This was just my take on what I saw.

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