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Smurfiest Happymeal Toy Ever?
Published on Monday, August 15, 2011 by

“Welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order?” “Yes, I’d like two country ham biscuits, sweet tea, and a Smurf.” It seems to consistently make the cashiers chuckle when I order a Smurf with my morning breakfast. McDonalds will serve the blue characters, $1.65, with any purchase which is good since I tend to eat more than a happy meal. The cardboard Happymeal box isn’t very impressive. The eco facts seem common enough and the Smurfberries are easy to find. Skipping it isn’t a problem.

In support of the new live-action-CGI movie, the Smurfs are not only invaded Neal Patrick Harris‘ apartment but also invaded McDonalds Happymeals.

Smurf fans know that the lovable blue characters all stand three apples high. The McD Smurf toys stand taller than the Peyo counterparts found on the toy aisles from the 80s. Recently finding a new home on the toy aisles the Schleich produced Smurfs feel like the 80s toys in their fixed statue poses. The McD Smurfs have the same fixed charm, great blue color, and lovely personalities despite being slightly taller. The texture on their Smurf hats is nice as it simulates leather.

Smurfs continue to be proof that toys don’t have to have 30 points of articulation to be fun. The 16 Smurfs in the line up have no points of articulation, but are still fun. Papa Smurf has a telescope, Smurfette has a flower. Brainy Smurf is looking oddly modern on the tiny cellphone and Clumsy Smurf has an odd spear. Otherwise these 16 characters are exactly as one would expect.

The line up showcases old Smurf favorites as well as new Smurfs created specifically for the a new live-action-CGI movie.

Is this the Smurfiest Happymeal toy ever? Given that Smurfs were used as promotional items in the 90s by McDonalds, then perhaps not. Are they still a great Happymeal toy? Absolutely. HappyM collectors and Smurf fans alike need to snap up these before they leave the Happymeal rotation. This is another part of the full on Smurf Renaissance. Originating in their first comics appearance in 1958, the blue international sensation is still going strong. Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

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