The GeeksverseThe Pound #5 – Advanced Review

The Pound #5 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, August 15, 2011 by

Published by: Frozen Beach Studios & IDW Publishing
Written and Created by: Stephan Nilson
Art by: Karl Waller
Colored by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Lettered and Created by: Charles Pritchett
Cover by: Karl Waller & Ron Riley

Each issue of this series has added more and more to the mythos. What started out as a story about werewolves has now involved almost every type of monster there is. What started out as a story about a pair of down-on-their-luck pound workers has become a story about monster hunters and the hidden world where monsters dwell and scheme.

And with all the addition, Nilson still managed to keep the strengths of the story. The characterization in The Pound is well done. These are characters you can care about. Scottie and Howie are just a couple of everyday people, people you’d pass on the street or share a beer with. Unlike most comics where the heroes have suffered some great tragedy or have some famous ancestors or something, The Pound has two characters that are like you and me.

It makes it easier to relate to them and how they deal with the situations they find themselves in. We can feel for Bruce Wayne, but none of us can be in his shoes. We can be in Scott and Howie’s shows.

The dialogue is natural. When Scottie talks to his wife, it feels real. It’s a conversation that you can see happening between husbands and wives every where. And there’s a nice tone of humor to the series, even when it gets dark and serious, there’s still some really funny moments.

The Pound is a well written and well plotted story.

The art by Waller is very nice. He does a great job on the scenes where Julia is making Scottie uncomfortable. You can see it in his face. The emotions are real and well rendered.

The overall art wasn’t as strong as the earlier issues though. Parts of it looked rushed. The total work is still nice, one of the better looking books out there, but it’s not as strong as the earlier issues.

The Pound #5 receives
4.5 out of 5

A fun story with characters that you can relate to. This would translate really well into a movie.

The Pound is available from IDW’s iTunes store. Issues #1 to 4 are available now and #5 will be available on August 23rd. Look for the collect edition in print in September. Use Diamond’s order code #JUL110390

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