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Fear Itself: Ghost Rider #2
Published on Friday, August 19, 2011 by

Marvel needs to acknowledge Gary Friedrich as the creator of Ghost Rider and bring him back to write relaunches of the character. Because this new relaunch is almost painful. After the first issue I’m not sure why I wanted to pick up the second. The dialogue is marginally better, and the overall story is good, but the issue moves roughly throughout.

Johnny Blaze is courted by the forces of hell to be the savior of sin and by extension save the world. Creatures of hell may feed on sin, but apparently so does the creative nature of mankind. Blaze riding and saving is mutually beneficial. I like that.

Blaze will be a rider for hell, wearing a familiar leather catsuit, but he cannot be made the Ghost Rider. That power has already been bestowed on another. The new female Ghost Rider is a pawn in a larger plot than she understands. She is single mindedly destroying all sin which means genocide and purging the entire world. Blaze is the person with the most experience battling and controlling the spirit of vengeance that is running wild so he is the natural candidate to try and stop her. I like that.

Unfortunately the execution is rough. Dialogue heavy is not normally a problem for me except that this dialogue feels rushed to print. Accents and vernacular are heavy handed. Even Blaze seems to notice.

Like the first issue the art is still nice. I like the large gauntlet female flame head.

I like the idea that only one rider can exist at a time.

Unfortunately this story is leaving a bad taste in my mouth thus far. This is the only Fear Itself event title that I am reading so perhaps that is influencing my judgement, but I don’t think so. Check out my review of #1 and share your own thoughts on the Pryde Forum.

Adam Kubert penciled the #2 cover

The Story: FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN! The new Spirit of Vengeance has taken on The Serpent’s first avatar, SIN and held her own in battle. What does the mysterious Adam have planned for the Spirit next and is it cause for humanity’s salvation or eternal damnation? Meanwhile, Johnny Blaze is shown a vision of the future that confirms his worst fears regarding the new Ghost Rider. Can he take on his successor armed only with a shotgun and a really cool old-school motorbike?

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