The GeeksverseSpider Island: Spider-Girl #1

Spider Island: Spider-Girl #1
Published on Friday, August 19, 2011 by

Written by: Paul Tobin
Penciled by: Pepe Larraz
Colored by: Andres Mossa
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Cover Art: Patrick Zircher w/ Andy Troy
Editor: Tom Brennan
Senior Editor: Stephen Wacker

Here’s what I don’t understand..

Marvel cancels Spider-Girls ongoing series and pretty much immediately after has her in a Spider Island mini-series. What’s the point? Why didn’t they keep the ongoing series going and tie it into Spider Island anyways, and get the boost in sales for the ongoing and hopefully it would have been enough to keep it alive.

Instead we get a mini-series. And it’s by the same writer.

Doesn’t make much sense.

But I’m glad to see Anya back. Spider-Girl was a good book. Strong charcter, strong plots, well written, good art. In a way I thought of it as Marvel’s Batgirl (and I’m talking the excellant Bryan Q. Miller one with Stephanie Brown as Batgirl). Both books starred teen girls trying to fit into the super hero world and trying to impress on their “mentors” (Batman and Spider-Man) that they can do it. And they both did it well.

This issue sees Anya get her powers back and she gets involved in Spider Island. This is where it breaks down compared to the overall plot. With the Society of the Wasps attacking the spiders, this should be a big thing and not just be confined to this mini-series, they should be involved in the main Spider Island story. The break down is on the event’s end and not this story as the Spider-Girl portion is extremely strong from start to finish.

Tobin starts up where he left off and gives us the same character we enjoyed from before. If you weren’t a fan before, nothing in this issue will turn you into one, unless you’re a fan of strong characters and well written stories.

The plot is interesting. Wondering why the Kingpin needs Anya. Tobin does a good long form fight with the Wasps and Anya. There’s a sense of chaos to it, but it’s still easy to follow and flows well.

Larraz’s art is nice. There’s a couple of panels where the storytelling isn’t as strong, but overall it’s very nice work and fits the character nicely. He does need to go and look back to see what Rocky looked like, because she looks like a different character.

Spider Island: Spider-Girl #1 receives
4 out of 5

A solid start to the event tie-in mini-series that can stand on it’s own and really should have been part of the ongoing series.

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